Building Rules and Regulations


The rules and regulations are an attachment to your lease document, titled Exhibit “E” Rules and Regulations. Please be sure that your employees have read and understand these lease requirements.


The landlord reserves the right to rescind, amend or waive any of the rules and regulations at any time when, in its sole judgment, it deems it necessary, desirable or proper for its best interest and for the best interests of the tenants, and no such rescission, amendment, alteration or waiver of any rule or regulation in favor of one tenant shall operate as an alteration or waiver in favor of any other tenant.  The landlord shall not be responsible to any tenant for the non-observance or violation by any other tenant of any of the rules and regulations at any time.


In addition to those rules and regulations stated in Exhibit “E” of the lease, the landlord further requires that the following also be observed as rules and regulations in order to maintain good harmony throughout the property.

1. The common areas in the building shall not be obstructed by any tenant or used for any purpose other than ingress and egress to and from such tenant’s premises. The landlord shall have the right to control and operate the common areas and the facilities furnished for the common use of the tenants in such manner as the landlord, in its sole and absolute discretion deems best for the benefit of the tenants generally. No tenant shall permit the visit to its premises of persons in such number or under such conditions as to interfere with the use and enjoyment by other tenants of the common areas. No tenant shall place any mats, trash or other objects in the common areas.

2. No awnings or other projections shall be attached to the outside walls of the building. No drapes, blinds, shades or screens shall be attached to or hung in, or used in connection with, any window or door of a tenant’s premises without prior consent from the landlord.

3. The water and wash closets and other plumbing fixtures shall not be used for any purposes other than those for which they were constructed, and no sweepings, rubbish, rags or other substances shall be thrown or placed therein. The cost for repairing all damage resulting from any misuse of the plumbing fixtures shall be borne by the tenant causing same.

4. There shall be no marking, painting, drilling into or other form of defacing or damage of any part of the shell or core of the building.

5. Each tenant, before closing and leaving its premises at any time, shall see that all doors are locked and all lights turned off.

6. Drapes and blinds installed by the landlord for the use of a tenant, or drapes installed by a tenant which are visible from the exterior of the building, must be cleaned by such tenant at least once a year, without notice, at such tenant’s own expense.

7. All machines and equipment must be installed and maintained with proper insulation or padding to prevent vibration or noise from such machines and equipment damaging the building or annoying other occupants.

8. No tenant shall make, or permit to be made, any disturbing noises or disturb or interfere with the occupants of the building or neighboring buildings or premises or those having business with them, whether by the use of any musical instrument, radio, tape recorder, loud speaker or other sound system.

9. No bicycles, vehicles or animals, birds or pets of any kind shall be brought into or kept in or about a tenant’s premises. No cooking shall be done or permitted by any tenant in or on its premises, except that, with the landlord’s prior written approval, a tenant may install and operate for the convenience of its employees a lounge or coffee room with stove, sink, refrigerator, microwave oven and/or coffee makers. No tenant shall cause or permit any unusual or objectionable odors to originate from its premises. Each tenant shall be obligated to maintain sanitary conditions in any area approved by the landlord for food and beverage preparation and consumption.

10. No space in or about the building shall be used by any tenant for the manufacture of merchandise, goods or property of any kind nor, in the case of non-retail tenants, for the storage or sale or auction of the same.

11. No flammable, combustible, explosive, hazardous or toxic fluid, chemical or substance or firearms shall be brought into or generated in or kept in or upon a tenant’s premises.

12. No additional locks or bolts of any kind shall be placed upon any of the doors or windows by any tenant, nor shall any changes be made in existing locks or the mechanism thereof. The doors leading to the common areas shall be kept closed during business hours except as they may be used for ingress and egress. Each tenant shall, upon the expiration or termination of its tenancy, return to the Landlord all keys used in connection with its premises, including any keys to the premises, to rooms and offices within the premises, to storage rooms and closets, to cabinets and other built-in furniture, and to toilet rooms, whether such keys were furnished by the Landlord or procured by the tenant, and in the event of the loss of any such keys, such tenant shall pay to the landlord the cost of replacing the locks. On the expiration or termination of the tenant’s lease, the tenant shall disclose to the landlord the combination of all locks for safes, safe cabinets and vault doors, if any, remaining on the premises.

13. All deliveries and removals, or the carrying in or out of any safes, freight, furniture or bulky matter or material of any description, must take place in such manner and during such hours as the landlord may require. The landlord reserves the right to inspect all freight, furniture or bulky matter or materials to be brought into the Building and to exclude from the building anything which violates any of these rules and regulations.

14. Any person employed by any tenant to do janitorial work within the tenant’s premises must obtain the landlord’s written consent prior to commencing such work, and such person shall, while in the building and outside of said premises, comply with all instructions issued by the Superintendent of the building. The landlord reserves the right to withdraw such consent, in its reasonable discretion, at any time. No tenant shall engage or pay any employees of the tenant’s premises, except those actually working for such tenant on said premises.

15. No tenant shall purchase spring water, ice, coffee, soft drinks, towels or other like merchandise or service from any company or person whose repeated violations of building regulations have caused, in the landlord’s sole opinion, a hazard or nuisance to the building or its occupants.

16. The landlord reserves the right to exclude from the building at all times, any person who is not known or does not properly identify himself to the building management or its agents. The landlord may at its option require all persons admitted to or leaving the building to register after hours. Each tenant shall be responsible for all persons for whom it authorizes entry into the building, and shall be liable to the landlord for all acts of such person.

17. Canvassing, soliciting and peddling in the building are prohibited, and each tenant shall cooperate to prevent the same.

18. No water cooler, plumbing or electrical fixtures shall be installed by a tenant without the landlord’s prior written consent.

19. There shall not be used in any space, or in the common areas of the building, either by any tenant or by jobbers or others in the delivery or receipt of merchandise, any hand trucks, except those equipped with rubber tires and side guards.

20. No space leased to any tenant shall be used, or permitted to be used, for lodging or sleeping, or for any immoral or illegal purpose.

21. Employees of the landlord other than those expressly authorized are prohibited from receiving any packages or other articles delivered to the building for any tenant and, should any such employee receive any such package or article, he or she in so doing shall be the agent of such tenant and not the landlord.

22. No tenant shall affix any floor covering to any floor of the premises or building with adhesive or glue of any kind without obtaining the landlord’s prior written consent.

23. The landlord’s employees shall not perform any work or do anything outside of their regular duties for tenants, unless under special instructions from the management of the building. The requirement of the tenants will be attended to only upon application to the landlord, and any special requirements shall be billed to the tenant (and paid with the next installment of rent due) at the schedule of charges maintained by the landlord or as such charge is agreed upon in advance by the landlord and the tenant.

24. Each tenant shall comply with all present and future laws, orders and regulations of all local and federal governmental agencies concerning the collection, sorting, separation and recycling of waste products, chemicals, garbage, refuse, trash, newspapers and other materials (collectively, “Waste Materials”) used in such tenant’s operations. Each tenant shall sort and separate the waste materials into such categories as provided by law. Each separately sorted category of waste materials shall be placed in separate receptacles approved by the landlord. The landlord reserves the right to refuse to collect or accept from the tenant any waste materials that are not separated and sorted as required by law, and to require the tenant to arrange for such collection at the tenant’s sole cost and expense, with a contractor acceptable to the landlord. Each tenant shall pay all costs, expenses, fines, penalties or damages that may be imposed on the landlord or such tenant by reason of the tenant’s failure to comply with this regulation, and such tenant shall indemnify the landlord (including attorney’s fees and expenses) from and against any actions or claims arising from the noncompliance.

25. No sign, advertisement, notice or other lettering or material(s) shall be exhibited, inscribed, painted or affixed by any tenant on any part of the outside or inside of the tenant’s premises, the building or elevators. In the event of a violation of the foregoing by any tenant, the landlord may remove same without any liability, and may charge the expense incurred by such removal to the tenant(s) violating this rule. All interior signs on the doors and directory table shall be exhibited, inscribed, painted or affixed for each tenant by the landlord at the expense of such tenant, and shall be of a size, color and style satisfactory to the landlord.

26. No showcases or other articles shall be put in front of or affixed to any part of the exterior of the building or placed in the common areas of the building.

27. No tenant shall install or permit or allow installation of a television antenna on the roof, in the windows or upon the exterior of its premises or the building.

28. No tenant shall tie in, or permit others to tie in, to the electrical or water supply on the premises without prior written consent of the building management.

29. No tenant shall remove, alter or replace the building standard ceiling, light diffusers or air conditioning terminals in any portion of its premises without prior written consent of the landlord.

30. No vending machines shall be permitted to be placed or installed in any part of the building’s common area by any tenant. The landlord reserves the right to place or install vending machines in any of the common areas of the building. The tenant may place vending machines within its premises solely for its use only.

31. No tenant shall place, or permit to be placed, on any part of the floor or floors of the space demised to such tenant a load exceeding the floor load per square foot which such floor was designed to carry and which is allowed by law.