Housekeeping Procedures 


The Janitorial Standards and Specifications for 80 M Street appear on the following pages.  The specifications appear as an attachment to the cleaning company’s contract and should be followed in the nightly cleaning schedule. 

The building management prides itself in maintaining very high standards in the cleanliness of its buildings.  Attention to detail in basic housekeeping operations creates the quality image that is vital to and reflects our tenants’ reputations as professionals; this is our goal. Routine inspections are conducted by the building management and the contractor’s representative.  In addition, the building management meets with the janitorial’s evening supervisor on a regular basis. 

As hard as we try, certain items are sometimes overlooked, and it is important that the office manager for each tenant contact the property management office when this happens.  We maintain a daily log for the cleaning contractor noting items requiring special attention which are to be completed that evening. 

The present cleaning contractor for 80 M Street is P & R Enterprises, Inc.  The hours they work in the building are 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm.  Occasionally they will perform special weekend projects. If these projects are scheduled to occur within your suite, you will be notified well in advance.  Carpet cleaning service, at a minimal cost, is also available.  Please contact the Property Management office to arrange for the service.



80 M Street also participates in a recycling program. All employees are responsible for emptying white paper, plastic & glass into the central containers located in their suite. The cleaners will pick up the recyclable materials from the containers in your suite and deliver them to the main bins located at the Loading Dock. 

Please identify and mark all disposable cardboard boxes as TRASH (BASURA) for the cleaners.  They will take the boxes to the compactor in the loading dock.