Janitorial Standards and Specifications


General Conditions


  1. The Contractor shall employ competent supervisory personnel who have earned their promotions with proven performance records and prior supervisory experience.


  1. The Contractor shall carefully interview, screen, reference-check and cover by bond all contractor’s personnel. They shall at all times be properly dressed (uniform work clothes or smocks), and be neat and clean in appearance.


  1. The Contractor’s cleaning supervisor will promptly report to the building engineer any conditions such as leaky faucets, stopped toilets and drains, broken fixtures, etc., as well as any unusual happenings in the building.


  1. Service closets in the building shall be assigned to the contractor for:


a)      Storage of cleaning materials, supplies and machinery.


b)      An appropriate space for janitorial employees to store their clothing and miscellaneous cleaning materials shall be provided.


  1. A logbook shall be kept in a place in the building, to be approved by the Agent, in which a record shall be made promptly of any occurrences requiring the Building management’s attention.


  1. The Contractor shall insure that all employees and/or agents shall abide by all safety rules and regulations that may be promulgated from time to time by the Agent as they pertain to the Contractor’s operations.


  1. The Contractor shall clean all suites behind locked doors.


  1. The Contractor shall not disturb papers on desks, tables or cabinets in the building.


  1. Scheduled visits shall be made by the contractor’s representative with prior notification of the Agent.


  1. The Contractor will be responsible for any and all loss or damage caused by its employees or agent.




  1. The Contractor will be responsible for the payment of all payroll, federal and municipal taxes, Unemployment Compensation Insurance, Public Liability Insurance and Employees Bond.


  1. Upon completion of all work assignments, lights shall be extinguished, windows closed, suite doors locked, premises secured and left in a neat, orderly condition.  The janitorial services herein include all of the Building without limitation, office areas, copying, stock and file.





Schedule of Cleaning



All cleaning services shall be in accordance with Exhibit “D”- Landlord Services of your lease agreement.


Night cleaning services shall be rendered five nights each week, Monday through Friday, except on legal holidays as noted in the Holiday Schedule section.