In the event of a telephone call containing a bomb threat, several things should be done simultaneously.

The person who receives the call should endeavor to keep the caller on the line as long as possible, and an attempt should be made to trace the call. Where possible, a recording device should be made available in anticipation of a second call. The receiver of the call should question the caller, and should even attempt to ask the caller his or her name. The person who took the call should immediately record extensive notes, setting forth the exact language used and giving his or her opinion as to the sex, age and accent of the caller and whether any background noises were heard during the course of the call. The bomb threat checklist should be filled out immediately (see following pages).

The local Police and Fire Department should be notified of the bomb threat and a decision whether to evacuate the floor or building will be made by those authorities. At the same time, the Building management office should be notified immediately.
Tenants will be notified by the proper authorities whether or not to pull the Fire Alarm box on their respective floors and then proceed with normal evacuation procedures.


In the event a search of the premises reveals the presence of a suspicious or non-normal object in the area, do not move or touch the questionable package or envelope. Immediately call Building management and inform them of your name and company, the floor and suite number where the suspicious item is located, and any details you are able to provide regarding the package. A building or floor evacuation will begin with the floor or floors on which the object or objects are found followed by the floors immediately above and below that floor. Because of the number of such bomb threats and because of unfamiliarity with items indigenous to a particular area, law enforcement and Fire Department agencies are reluctant to search entire buildings, but will act accordingly when unusual objects are found.

When a suspicious object is found, all personnel should be specifically cautioned not to touch or disturb the object by actions such as attempting to move it to a safe place or soaking it with water. This should be spelled out clearly in all instructions to personnel to prevent possible injury to overzealous or curious personnel. If possible, several photographs of any crowd that gathers outside the Building should be taken, since there is a good possibility the bomber will be observing the activity.


In the event of a bomb explosion, the local Emergency Unit should be notified by telephoning “911”. All personnel should be evacuated to prevent any injuries in the event a second explosion device has been placed. The primary concern in such an evacuation is the protection of personnel by the prevention of panic.


Click here to download the Bomb Threat Call Procedure Form.