Job Description -

The Fire Safety Director should implement the Fire Safety Plan with the assistance of the Property Manager and the Fire Department. This plan should include emergency preparation of equipment, staff and tenants. The Fire Safety Director, or the appointed Deputy in his/her absence, will supervise the administration of the plan, and they and their staff should be familiar with the physical characteristics of the property.

Responsibilities -

• Liaison with the Fire Department in locating the source and type of emergency; access to the building and equipment; follow-up after emergency.
• Liaison with the Property Manager to inform as to emergency, operation of plan and follow-up.
• Liaison with staff as to duties during emergency; training for implementing plan.
• Liaison with tenants during the crisis to educate tenants and assist with development of individual plans per tenant suite in cooperation with the Fire Department.
• Locate source of emergency from fire panel; follow appropriate action.
• Be sure elevators are out of service as appropriate.
• Post watch outside main entrance immediately to assist with evacuation and to deter entrance into the Building during emergency.
• Post watch as necessary at other designated exits and garage (or notify attendant).
• Make arrangements, when all is clear, to re-enter the building; announce to tenants.
• Turn elevators back on after emergency; monitor re-entry into building and elevators.
• Re-secure building and systems as necessary.


Job Description -

The Deputy and Assistants are to assist the Director in assigned responsibilities and coordinate the plan in the Director’s absence, or as assigned during non-business hours.


The tenant should have a written evacuation plan from their individual suites or floors via the building’s stairwells and designated exits.


Each Tenant should delegate Tenant Safety Warden(s) and Assistant Safety Warden(s) as appropriate for the tenant’s space layout and number of occupants in each suite.

The Tenant Safety Warden(s) and Assistant Safety Warden(s) should be familiar with:

• Suite/Floor layout
• Tenant’s evacuation plan
• Location and operation of fire alarm equipment (i.e., pull stations, alarms, etc.)
• Coded door locks or special locks
• Location of and route to exit areas
• The identification of disabled personnel and plans to evacuate them

Tenant Safety Warden’s Responsibilities -

• Develop and maintain tenant emergency plans, routes and special needs; post Fire Safety Plan Assignments and Procedures in conspicuous location on each floor.
• File a list with the Fire Safety Director (Chief Engineer) of physically disabled personnel and their location within suite, their designated evacuation rescue location, and their assigned Assistant Safety Warden. Include the name, floor, location, organization and description of mobility limitations during an evacuation. All these lists should be updated whenever changes occur.
• File the Fire Safety Plan Assignments and Procedures with the building management office.
• Supervise Assistant Safety Warden(s) in implementing their emergency assignments.
• Assist Building personnel in maintaining the evacuated tenants at a safe distance away from the building.
• Assist with re-entry into the building as directed by the Fire Safety Director.
• Liaison with Fire Safety Director (Chief Engineer).

Tenant Assistant Safety Warden’s Responsibilities - (as assigned by Tenant Safety Warden(s))

• Assist in traffic flow along designated exit routes as authorized by the Tenant Safety Warden(s) and report when evacuation is complete.
• Check the restrooms and be stationed in the elevator corridor to point out stairwell exits and to keep people off of the elevators.
• Assure that security files are locked during evacuation and that property is as secure as the conditions of the emergency permit.
• Determine that all office doors are unlocked and pulled shut; all lights out. For Bomb Threats, leave windows and doors open. (This lessens damage should there be an actual explosion.)
• Exterior Assistant Safety Wardens should instruct people to keep away from the entrance and assist in directing an orderly re-entry into the Building.
• To assist disabled personnel as assigned. The assigned Assistant Safety Warden should report the location to a Tenant Safety Warden and wait with the disabled person for rescue by the Fire Department. The location should be the closest stairwell landing (or safe area). The Safety Warden will notify the Safety Director, who will notify the Fire Department rescue personnel.

All Fire Safety Directors, Deputy Directors, Tenant Safety Warden(s) and Assistant Safety Warden(s) should proceed with their own personal evacuation immediately after their assignments are completed. The entire building should be evacuated in approximately 10 minutes.

Fire drills will be conducted every year under the direction of the Fire Safety Director (Chief Engineer) in cooperation with the Fire Department.

Please contact the Management Office should you need further assistance with evacuation plans, traffic flow, etc.