Elevator Operation and Safety 


The elevators at 80 M Street are modern, high-speed elevators. All of elevators are fitted with security access key readers that require the use of an access key outside normal business hours.  The procedure for their use is outlined in the Security and Life Safety section of this manual. 

Daytime operation is the same as any other modern elevator with floor designations on the button both back-lit and in Braille. There is an LED display located on both sides of the doors which indicate the cab’s floor location. 

If you need to hold the elevator for an extended period of time (i.e. for a delivery), do not use the Emergency Stop button or prop the doors open.  Doing so will cause an alarm to sound. Each elevator can be locked off by an engineer to provide independent service. If you require special service, please contact the engineers’ office for assistance. 

In the unlikely event you should become trapped in the elevator, remain calm.  Modern elevator technology makes it impossible for the elevator to fall, so there is absolutely no physical danger involved - merely inconvenience.  Please do not attempt to leave an elevator caught between floors without the assistance of a fireman or an elevator technician.


If you are trapped, pick up the emergency telephone located in the right panel of the elevator cab and press the button on the inside of the handset.  The elevator telephone will automatically dial Datawatch who will, in turn, notify the Building Engineer and elevator maintenance company.  The security operator will ask for the number of the elevator cab in which you are located; that number is posted on the inside of the elevator telephone access door.  Help should arrive within minutes.


Please be aware that the engineering staff is limited as to the amount of assistance they can offer due to insurance and safety regulations.  They will offer as much assistance as possible (and they are successful the vast majority of the time), but if the trap is due to equipment malfunction, it will be the responsibility of the elevator maintenance company to get you released. In any event, a representative of the Building management will be there within minutes to offer you assistance and expedite your release.