Solicitors and Smoking Policy 



Solicitation and petitions of any kind are strictly prohibited in the building. We do not permit soliciting at 80 M Street SE, Washington, DC, 20003. 

If you see a solicitor or person of questionable identity, please call the lobby security desk or the building management office immediately. Notify the building staff of the solicitor’s location and try to get the solicitor’s company name and any other information which would be helpful in allowing us to follow up with a telephone call and written letter.  We will attempt to locate such individuals as soon as possible and quickly escort them out of the building.  We request and need your cooperation in order to be successful in maintaining a safe and pleasant environment.


Smoking Policy


80 M Street is a non-smoking complex.  As a courtesy, smoking is permitted on the front southwest side of the building. Smoking at any building entrance is forbidden. 

Please be courteous to others and refrain from smoking in the building so that others may enjoy a smoke-free environment.